The coaches are always super energetic and friendly - always emphasizing the kids’ positives and supporting their progress. They use programs and language perfect for the different ages they are working with and they have gotten my kids to want to work harder and do better inside and outside of golf. A very pleasant surprise for me was how well they communicate with us parents, how they get us involved and keep us informed of what our kids are working on and how they are progressing - something I don’t see in many other kid focused organizations! Golf In Schools has been incredible!
— Melissa S.
My first grader just completed the 6-week Golf in Schools session and he loved it! He picked up some great skills and terminology, and the program was well-managed from a logistics standpoint as well- getting the kids to their respective after-school care locations or to their parents once the classes were complete. I plan to enroll him in the next open session as well!
— Christina B.
My son had a great time at the Golf in Schools camp last week and that made me interested in additional camps. Thanks for making golf so fun for him. He’s hooked!
— Nicki J.
Golf in Schools is a top notch organization that has been extremely easy to work with and, but of all, incredibly helpful and motivating for my 8 year old son and 11 year old daughter, not only in their golf skills, but also in their self confidence in sports in general. We started with GIS as part of a summer camp program through the district, then progressed to taking the lessons they offered after school and now we exclusively take private lessons at their state of the art facility on 183! Our family loves Golf In Schools and The Golf School!
— Renee G.