Q: Where can my child participate in a Golf in Schools program?

A: Our programs are conducted on school and learning center campuses.  Most classes are limited to students enrolled in the school where the class takes place.  Some Golf in Schools classes are open to the public.  Be sure to check the class schedules to find out the nearest location for your child to participate.

Q: What equipment is required to participate?

A: Golf in Schools provides all of the equipment.  If your child has a set of clubs however, you are more than welcome to bring them along.

Q: How can you learn to play golf in small areas, like gyms?

A:  Golf in Schools uses equipment that is safe and fun to use.  Our specially designed, cork-based balls, fly like a real ball, but are safe to the touch.  This allows students to learn the fundamentals of golf in almost any environment!

Q: What skills will my child learn?

A: Students learn key fundamentals that are necessary in the development of any golfer.  We cover the stance, grip, posture, alignment, putting, small swing, full swing, elements of a golf course, rules and etiquette.  Beyond golf, each lesson also focuses on a life skill.  Students learn about honesty and teamwork, and how to be a great competitor.  They learn important social skills that is necessary for all children to learn.

Q: My child has played golf before.  Will Golf in Schools classes enhance their current skills?

A:  Golf in Schools introduces concepts that are EXTREMELY beneficial to all children, regardless of their current skill level.  If they have played golf before, it’s even more reason to have them sign up for a class.

Q: What is the inclement weather policy?

A: In the event of inclement weather, Golf in Schools will use a gym or inside space for class.  If that space is not available, Golf in Schools will notify each parent and cancel the day’s class.  We will make every attempt to make the class up.