Our equipment and training tools are specifically designed to simplify the learning process. For example, we examined the basic swings needed to play golf and realized that a full set of clubs contained 14 clubs. Is it fair that a new learner is supposed to learn how to properly put, chip, pitch, and a variety of full swings, plus how to properly hold each, how to stand for each swing, AND which situations to use each of the 14 clubs!?

Not to mention that it could be days, weeks, or even months between lessons or play. That is a lot to remember! SNAG® Golf has 2 clubs, the Roller and Launcher, that allow new learners to fully grasp the concept of each swing, and how to easily hold the club. If your students can remember “Left on Yellow™,Connect, Right on Red™” then they are guaranteed to be successful in learning how to hold a golf club perfectly every time!