Golf In Schools multi-level curriculum allows students to progress through a series of levels, learning new skills and enjoying fun activities along the way. Student success is our top priority, and graduating to new levels allows them to measure their progress and experience accomplishment. After all, it's about having fun!


A Curriculum Developed by the Best

Our Golf In Schools Star Level Curriculum curriculum has been designed by PGA Professionals, school administrators, and elementary school teachers.  Our combined experience of working with school-aged youth and teaching the game of golf come together to form a truly effective program for children to learn the game.

Our instructors receive extensive training in student behavior and classroom management to ensure that each class receives the most effective instruction.  Our students are engaged, focused, and ready to learn to play golf.

Our Approach to Teaching the Golf Swing

Students benefit immensely from our Club-Focused approach because it aligns perfectly with how they learn other everyday physical activities.  Imagine teaching a child how to use a toy hammer.  The instruction is focused on the tool not on how to move the body.  At Golf In Schools we focus on the movement of the club. Our approach presents the golf swing as a fun challenge, not a difficult task for kids.

Club-Focused instruction has become popular through the work of PGA Hall of Fame instructor, Manuel de la Torre.  De la Torre was awarded the first-ever PGA Teacher of the Year award, and is one of two instructors to be inducted in both the Golf Teachers Hall of Fame, and the PGA Hall of Fame.  He is also the author of the best-selling book, Understanding the Golf Swing.